Unique seeds / technology of presentation – with the ~ companies

in the Foundation, as part of the life science enterprise network business, every theme on which it is from time to time of the topic, the presentation of its products and technologies to researchers of related companies thank you, we have been held everyone and information exchange as well as the matching of the participants have been pharmaceuticals, reagents and analysis equipment such as bio-related companies.
This time to become the seventh round, without specifically limiting the genre of the presentation, the unique seeds and technology possessed by each company to be announced, directly to everyone of the staff of the research / development of each company of your participation to the venue appeal planning the East-West exchange meetings where I am, and will be held. Also provided with a booth in the venue this year, we plan to be a more active exchange meeting.
We look forward to everyone how many of your participation.

[Date] 2016 September 13 (Tuesday) 13:30 to 17:15

[venue] Senri Life Science Center Building 5 floor Science Hall
     , Toyonaka, Osaka Shinsenrihigashi-cho 1-4-2

[entry fee] Free

[capacity] 100 people