Peptide Syntheses Service,Library Construction Service,Analyses Service,R&D Consultation,Protein Interaction Research,Devices and Reagents



Bio-chips for the next generaion “PepTenChip&reg” with Novel Plate Material, Amourphous Carbon

  • Applications of on biological functions and molecular recognitions based on peptides and proteins
  • Construction of peptide libraries and related devices and reagents, and consumers: Major commercial products were developed for in-house use (own research)
  • Application oriented consultation, contract research, and training
  • Contract peptide synthesis and purification, analyses discovery, optimization with design
  • Amino acid analysis, chiral analysis, detection of contaminants, MS analyses for proteins and peptides
  • Bio-molecular Recognition Peptides and related compound Libraries
  • Development of methodology for drug discovery, screening, therapy and diagnosis
  • Peptides and related compound Libraries: dispense service

  • Immobilized Linear-Cyclic-peptides with natural and non-natural AA
  • Overlapping Peptides of Proteins
  • Designed peptides for array (helices, sheets and loops, with sugars or fatty acids)
  • Product Summary

  • Over View
  • Design Peptide Array and Novel Plate Material
  • Product line/Custom Made
  • Genomics
  • Quality Assurance
  • Publication List of Peptide Arrays
  • Summary
  • Product line


  • PepTenChip®
  • PepTenChip® Surface-modified substrate
  • Microarray substraye production

  • PepTenChip® Processing substrate
  • Microarray Services

  • PepTenChip®contract analysis
  • Microarrayer

  • Array for stealth pin (consumables)
  • Laboratory clean space for microarray-research (PTC-CB001)
  • Fluorescence detector

  • Image Reader for PepTenChipR ON SITE use
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