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Design Peptide Array and Novel Plate Material

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Design Peptide Array and Novel Plate Material

Mission of Bio-chips: Rapidness・Energy saving ・Higher efficiency in Bio-detection!
High throughput syntheses and characterization → High quality peptides

Bio-molecular Recognition

  • Peptides are the core as transmitters via receptors & immunoresponses.
  • Peptide-recognition = the mimic of protein-protein interaction.
  • Proteins can be mimicked by peptides.
  • Peptides can be designed and synthesized.
  • Peptides can have structures.
  • Large diversity is possible.
  • Non proteinogenic amino acids can be used.
  • Syntheses and characterization methods are established.
  • Practical Production Systems

    1. Peptide design (Capture molecules)
    2. Peptide-Library (High quality peptides)
    3. Chip materials
    4. Immobilization (arrayer & surface chemistry)
    5. Detection (Scanner, Microscope + CCD camera)
    6. Data base (data mining)

    PepTenChip® is an array-system of immobilized designed labeled peptides. PepTenChip® is Bio-chips for bio-molecule assay in the next generation, satisfies all these requirements for protein detection, specificity, reproducibility, sensitivity, easy handling, stability (storage/transport) and production economics.


    Advantages of the novel amorphous carbon chip-plate

    1. Mechanically stable
    2. Chemically inert
    3. Environmentally friendly (easier regeneration)
    4. Easily manufactured by laser drawing;
      Flat: Slide glass size, custom-made size
      Ultra nano-well(Tailor made)eg. 1~2 nano liter
    5. No self-fluorescence
    6. Higher electro-conductivity
    7. Lowest non-specific adsorption
    8. Higher thermal conductivity (heat & cool)
    9. Uniformed distribution of functional groups
    10. Extremely low back ground
    11. Original surface chemistry: different chemistry for derivatization and functional groups

    Advantages of PepTenChip® as bio chip

    1. Extremely low non-specific protein absorption than that of glass by the special surface technology (Fig. 1).
    2. Uniformed functional group distribution (Fig. 2).
    3. Uniformed spot-formation on the microchips (Fig. 3).
    4. Not easy to crack compared with the glass → Easy handling.
    5. Functional group-rich on surface → Easy immobilization. Developed novel method for quantization the functional group amount: Quality control (PAT.P)



    Novel detector can also be used in BSL3, and 4 (almost maintenance free)
    Concept: Easy handling, Portable, Low cost
    Looking for collaborator/ manufacture under licencing.

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