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Product line/Custom Made

PepTenChip®Product line/Custom Made

The list price is per plate. Individual quotation is given for tailor made chips.
Prices are subject to change without prior notice. Status 2010 June 30

Product name Chip surface P/N Description and possible Applications Price(without tax)
ZeroFlat Without derivatization PTC-ZF-NN-01 Basic use
Free processing by users(Easy handling). Possible to make wells or micro-channels.
Special application
Substrate for photovoltaic generation (fuelbattery separator), components of semiconductor (Carbon
wafer), aerospace materials.

ZeroWell Well, without derivatization PTC-ZW-NN-01 ¥65,000
AM Amino group (G) PTC-AM-NN-01 The surface covered with amino groups. The very low nonspecific adsorption. Basic use:Immobilization with anionic polymers (eg DNA etc.) Modification to the carboxyl group. ¥40,000
CA Carboxyl G PTC-CA-NN-01 Basic use
Immobilization with cationic polymers by the ionicbond. The amino group can be immobilized thru amide bonds.
MI Maleimide G PTC-MI-NN-01 The maleimide group is useful for sulfhydryl reaction (eg Cys). ¥60,000
BR Bromoacetyl G PTC-BA-NN-01 Immobilization through sulfhydryl group. ¥45,000
SA Streptavidin PTC-SA-NN-01 Immobilization for biotin-labeled biomolecules. ¥70,000

PepTenChip® ~ Bio-chips in the next generation ~

Peptide array designed peptides are arrayed as capture molecules by covalent bond for detection.
The protein can be identified through constructing the data base by the protein fingerprint method. We can also custom-made Chip-plates Upon requests. The standard size of the chip-plate is the same as conventional slide glass. Any size can be made.

Product name P/N Description and Application Price(without tax)
PepTenChip®PAH PTC-PAH-01/02-01 About 500 kinds of labeled a-helical peptides ¥100,000
PepTenChip®PAL PTC-PAL-01/02-01 About 500 kinds of labeled b-loop peptides ¥100,000
PepTenChip®PAS PTC-PAS-01/02-01 About 400 kinds of labeled b-sheet peptides ¥100,000
PepTenChip®PAG PTC-PAG-01/02-01 About 100 kinds of labeled glycopeptide ¥250,000
PepTenChip®PAX PTC-PAX-01/02-01 Immobilization for biotin-labeled biomolecules Each time estimates



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