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Contract based Research, Syntheses, Characterization by using in house developed materials/devices

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Commissioned synthesis


forders Contract Syntheses of PIPA (Py-Im-Polyamide)

forders Drug discovery (Gene Therapy by DNA specific recognition) & Biodetection


forders Contract based Syntheses/Analyses


forders Contract synthesis of Peptide nucleic acid (PNA)

Contract analysis

forders Simple and Rapid Amino Acid Analysis

forders Contract DL analysis

forders Contract analysis HPLC & Mass spectrometry(MALDI-TOF-MS)

  • Libraries: Design, Synthesis and Construction of Peptide/ Polyamide derivatives, and Bioconjugates: Design, syntheses and characterizations: High quality peptides containing not only natural amino acids but also non-proteinogenic amino acids, Glycopeptides, Lipopeptides, Cyclic peptides, Phosphopeptides, Sulfated peptides, Glutathione derivatives (metabolites), Pyrrole-imidazole polyamides, Peptide Nucleic Acids, Protein syntheses by chemical ligation, Cell penetrating peptides, Peptide-Vehicles for DDS
  • Analyses: Amino acid composition, Determination of residual organic solvents/acids, water contents, Chiral analyses = GMP-GLP approved
  • Characterization: LCMS, MS/MS, MALDI-TOF-MS/MS, Protein-sequencing by the Edman degradation
  • Microarray printing services: Utilizing the most advanced facilities and expertise on patented concepts with novel substrates made from amorphous carbon and/or high quality glass substrate slides (operated in the class 100 clean room)
  • Biochip detection service: Fluorescent scanner or a fluorescent microscopy, further MALDI-TOF-MS
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